10 Tips For A Successful Juice Cleanse

If you want to achieve a successful juice cleanse experience then it is important to do things the right way.  Too many people jump onto the hype train and forget that living a healthy lifestyle is a conscious decision everyday! This includes pre-cleanse and post-cleanse efforts in order to help you achieve the best possible results with your juice cleanse. Let’s take a look at these ten tips suggested by Juice Revolution for a successful juice cleanse:

1 Follow your program to the letter.

This is essential to your success. Personally I found that staying on track with my juice cleanse schedule helped me to keep my mind focused on the end goal and kept me from even considering deviating from the program.

2 Try to drink your meals on time so your sugar levels don’t crash.

Juice Revolution includes an easy to follow juice cleanse schedule, that you can put on your fridge, which shows you exactly when to consume which product. Very convenient and easy to follow. I added little reminders on my phone, to keep me on track when I am at work.

3 Drink your meals s-l-o-w-l-y. ‘Chew’ them in your mouth.

I know this may seem silly, but it works! Focusing on being in the moment when I consume my juice or soup, really helps me to feel more satisfied with my meals. This is a tip I am going to continue with, even when eating solid food again. Eating on the go often does not help your brain realize that you are satisfied and no longer hungry. Which often results in overeating – something I definitely want to avoid.

4 Remember to take your supplements.

Taking some additional supplements when doing a juice cleanse can be beneficial, because not all your nutritional needs can be satisfied by the fruit and vegetable kingdom.  Juice Revolution has made this super easy, by including these supplements in your juice cleanse combo pack for easy consumption.

5 Carry an extra toothbrush – you may want to brush your teeth during the day.

6 Enjoy your juices cold and your soups warmed up.

The addition of 100% natural soups included in your juice cleanse can be very helpful, especially in winter. The variation of cold and warm meals helped me to fight my FOMO when preparing meals for my family.

7 Keep hydrated. Drink a glass of water with or between each meal.

Staying hydrated is a positive habit that we should uphold and also teach our kids from a young age. Water is very important for the optimal functionality of our entire body. Make sure you get your daily dose of 8 glasses a day!

8 Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Get your body moving to keep your mind out of the pantry! I found that doing some mild exercise like talking a walk with my dogs really helped me to stay focused on my end goal and away from bad habits in my daily routine. For example: heading for the cookie jar the moment I got home from work. Instead I grabbed my running shoes for some outdoor comfort instead.

9 Reduce TV time and get 8 hours sleep a night.

Get off the couch! Reduce your TV and social media time and go to bed early. It will help take your mind off food and accelerate the cleansing process.

10 Get your mind right.

Your mind can be your greatest enemy or your best friend. Make sure you fill your thoughts with positive thinking that will help you to reach your end goal with flying colors. Flip your negative mentality into a massive victory mentality.



Juice Revolution

Always remember that their is trail and error in all of life. Try and make your juice cleanse a positive experience instead of having it feel like torture. Please always consult your doctor before going on a juice cleanse, to make sure their are no obstacles in your way.

And if possible get a great support system in place to help you stay on track.

Please let me know in the comments if you found these tip to be helpful. If you have other tips to share that worked for you, please share it, so that we can all grow and learn together.

Happy Juicing!

Source & Picture: Juice Revolution