The Fabulous Alicia Buckle Lipstick Range

Ok, Ladies! If you have been searching for the perfect duo of day to night lipstick to keep in your handbag, then I have the answer for you. Alicia Buckle, a proudly South African make-up artist and owner of the ALICIA BUCKLE SCHOOL OF MAKE-UP, has developed two exciting lipstick options to suit every woman out there.

Women from all over South Africa has fallen in love with this amazing product including Miss World(2014) Rolene Strauss and Boer Soek ń Vrou presenter, Marciel Hopkins.

“The Best Colour In The World,

Is The One That Looks Good On You”

– Coco Chanel

If you want a daring look filled with sexy confidence then the ‘Perfect Red’ lipstick is your weapon of choice. The ‘Natural Nude’ lipstick-shade will provide you with a soft feminine touch that can be combined with any number of lip pencils to create a range of fabulous colourful combinations.

The creamy texture of this lipstick will give you a soft and velvety sensation to your lips. It has a smooth, rich and semi-shiny colour, with an almost matt look. The peculiarity of this product is it’s softness, combined with it’s moisturising and volumizing properties. After a few minutes of application, you will notice more volume on your lips with a long lasting effect.

The Alicia Buckle Lipstick range will soon be among your favourite products. Make sure you get yours today!

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